Development projects of Rs 3 billion in Nepalgunj

Nepalgunj, Feb 10 (RSS): A blacktopped road and surface drain are to be constructed here with the assistance of Asian Development Bank.
The Urban Development and Building Construction Division Office will construct 35-km blacktopped road and surface drain under the Regional Urban Development Project.
For this, the ADB has provided loan assistance of around Rs 1.5 billion. Project Chief Sunil Kumar Thakur shared that a target has been set to complete the construction within 20 months from the date of signing the project agreement.
Under the project, the surface drainage is being constructed on both sides of the road from Belaspur to Khajura, Nepalgunj. Likewise, the interior road of Nepalgunj will be constructed and repaired and income generating programme for disadvantaged sections will also be conducted for the backward and disadvantaged community.
Meanwhile, the Nepalgunj sub-metropolis is set to construct road and surface drain with loan support from ADB.
Project Team Leader Dr Janardan Acharya shared that the sub-metropolis will construct 35-km blacktopped road and surface drain under the urban development project.
ADB is providing loan amount of Rs 1.5 billion for the implementation of the project.

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